Pricing Information

Retail Prices (current special offer in brackets). We have a full disclosure policy on all fees, unlike other martial art clubs.

Joining Fee: £200 (Currently discounted to only £100). Includes first month’s training, uniform, and Membership.
Monthly Training Fee: £65 (£59 if paid by bank Standing Order)
Grading Fees (below black belt) £25 (free retest within two weeks if unsuccessful).
Black Belt Grading Fee: Junior Black Belt £200, 1st degree Black Belt £201 (includes personally embroided black belt & free DVD if recorded). Each subsequent black belt grading costs an extra £51, but if your Training Fees have been consistent, that is discounted by £50 per grading.
Membership Fee: £35 per year (free insurance is provided with Membership).
Sparring Kit: From £132 – Head guard, hand guards, shin guards, foot guards, and double tray vented gum shield, and groin guard.  Mandatory for 8th grade (yellow belt).
Sparring Kit (additional full-contact): From £58 – Body armour and forearm guards.  Mandatory from 4th grade (blue belt).

Remember- A free uniform (retail £40) is given with the Joining Fee.