Taekwondo Classes in Edmonton (Tuesday & Thursday)

The Edmonton taekwondo classes are located at All Saints Church Hall, Church Street, N9 9AT, with W8 and W6 bus stops nearby. The nearest train station is Edmonton green.

Classes for Adults, from 6:45pm to 7:45pm

Our fast training and grading programme takes you from complete beginner to black belt standard in on 24 months.  This comprehensive syllabus includes:

  • Taekwondo patterns.
  • 1-step sparring.
  • Sparring; non-contact, semi-contact and full contact.
  • Self defence techniques.

Smiling, sweating and learning,  you are bound to enjoy training.  We are a black belt school, and it is our aim to get you up to black belt, fast, safely and in an exciting atmosphere.

If you have previous experience in martial arts, or something with similar qualities, like gymnastics, dance, a military background, or are a highly motivated, goal orientated individual, we can discuss fast tracking you through to black belt standard in only 12 months.

Classes for Children Aged 10 to 15, from 5:45pm to 6:30pm

The Junior class is generally for children aged from 10 to 15 years of age.  It’s purpose to two-fold:

  • Physically, this class promotes fitness, coordination, balance and spacial awareness as physical skills, through teaching of traditional taekwondo patterns, kicking and punching techniques.
  • Mentally, students have the opportunity to develop their communication skills, by working ogether in small teams, usually being led by one of the more experienced students.  This helps to develop their confidence, which I believe is one of the most important factors in children growing up.

The Junior syllabus can get children up to Junior Black Belt standard (that is ready to take their black belt grading) in as little as 30 months.  Gradings are held every two months, where they are tested on half a pattern, and a selection of appropriate kicking & punching techniques, and sparring (with the appropriate safety sparring kit) after a passing a couple of gradings.

We can consider younger children in this class.  They would need to be mature for their age, have good communication skills, and have the determination to take on a healthy challenge.

Classes for Children aged 5 to 9, from 4:30pm to 5:15pm

A gentle introduction into martial art skills for young children.  The purpose of this class is to prepare younger children to be able to take on the skills necessary in the older Junior class to be able to grade them up to Junior Black Belt.  Our gradings in this class are therefore primarily designed to encourage effort and good behaviour, in our classes, at school, and at home too.  You, the parents, will need to take an active role in monitoring these qualities in your child at home, and we help facilitate this with the Grading Form for children.  The actual martial art skills simply need to be demonstrated to show an understanding and improvement to pass the gradings.  Our uniquie system of belt gradings rewards your child for demonstrating this.

Although there are 16 grades in the Cadet class, it is not always necessary to pass all of them in order to be ready to take on the Junior class syllabus, and move up into the Junior class.  As long as their behaviour is very good, they can move up to the Junior class when they have passed six gradings.