Tae Kwon Do Instruction in North London

Based in Edmonton, north London, this taekwondo school was established in June 1993, and has been consistently serving the area for over 20 years.

Our unique Training Programme can help you achieve black belt standard in taekwondo in only 24 months (30 months for children in the Junior class).

What makes us so special?

  • Getting you to black belt standard FAST – 24 months for adults, 30 months for juniors:
    Progress up the belt ranks of taekwondo every two months.  We are a black belt school – we want you to achieve black belt in a safe and effecient manner.  With most martial art clubs grading every three months initially, then every 6 months, sometimes even 12 months, as they get closer to black belt, it’s easy to wonder why the training gets so drawn out at those higher levels.  Here at The Academy, we recognise that as members progress up the ranks, they actually get better at taking on new skills, hence we don’t slow down the process of getting you to black belt.  We will also teach you how to remember and practice these skills efficiently, so that attending our classes twice a week and spending only 15 minutes every day, can easily have you gaining a new belt every two months.  There is even the opportunity to take double gradings, and go up two belts every grading.
  • Small classes:
    At our current temporary venue in Church Street Edmonton, we only have a maximum of 14 students in each class.  No one gets lost in the crowd here.  It also means that no one can hide in the crowd either.
  • Full disclosure:
    When you come along to evaluate our classes for yourself or a child, you will be given a detailed Information Pack.  This contains our T & C’s, our Child Protection Policy, our Grading Forms, and a full price list.  There are no hidden charges or obligations. Everything relevant is documented.  In fact, you cannot join until you have read our T & C’s.
  • Friendly classes:
    Positive reinforcement is used constantly in the environment by the black belts and the senior students.  It’s therefore not surprising that this propagates throughout the classes to such a degree, that even the youngest members are naturally helping their classmates out in a cheerful manner.  Whilst they are doing so, they are making friends, feeling great and having fun.
  • Safety:
    This is our highest priority.  We will certainly be coaching you on how to perform safely, but to make sure errors don’t sneak into your training, we will highlight the factors to avoid and justify this.  This way, members can remember both what to do and what not to do.